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the great art of procrastination

 Somehow, over every school break I manage to put off absolutely everything I have to do until the last minute. If i told myself that this break is different, that would be a HUGE LIE. Here is what I should be doing instead of blogging:
*write an autobiographical poem in spanish (yeah right)
*write a stupid essay about the origin and interpretation of the word "secret" (have you ever heard of a shittier assignment?)
*do a four page biology study guide
*finish this book for english called "Their Eyes  Were Watching God". It's actually a pretty good book, but I suck at concentrating sometimes
*memorize my lines for "The Man Who Turned Into Stick". What a weird, weird play. eek.

However, instead I have been doing this:
*drawing pictures of the academy is, in crayon
*watching many, many, many youtube videos
*discovering new bands
*creating a flickr account
*baking cookies
*spilling hot cocoa on my favorite pants :[
*downloading every song ever recorded by the academy is...
*re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for probably the 10th time
*writing this stupid blog that no one actually reads. ho hum.

so there you have it. blah.