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christmas activities

I've just finished making homemade pasta with my mum and sister, cause we do that every year on christmas! it tastes soooo good, even better than regular pasta from a box. here is what out pasta maker looks like, lol.


Anywayyyy...I feel like something of a hermit, considering I haven't left the house since...saturday? sunday? I'm not sure.
I have a feeling that that might we slightly unhealthy. oh well. I'll leave the house tonight for christmas eve mass at church.
Not my favorite activity, since we have to leave the house at like 3:30 if we even want a seat in the church. whatever. But, I do have
to figure out what i'm going to wear to church, which presets a whole new set of problems. How can I possibly dress so that

a) I don't freeze to death
b) I convey my own personal style while still looking "modest" enough that my mother lets me out of the house
c) my knees are not shown (I hate my knees)

same problem every year, ho hum.


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