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As a new user to live journal I'm not really sure what to post, so I'll make a list

currently watching: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=honLybT9Dcc&feature=channel_page

listening to: the academy is... (I usually am) 

outraged that: taylor lautner won't be back for the new moon movie! not that I thought he was hot or anything, but I really liked him as jacob. also, catherine hardwick isn't directing new moon either! argg. read about this scandal here- http://twilightsource.com/
I'm also outraged that I have to take this awful class called STEM lab next semester. ugh. I hate science.

happy that: it's almost christmas/hannukah! (my family celebrates both...) I hope I get the new Beedle the Bard book!

anywayyy. more later i suppose :]